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Leopard, wildlife, scratchboard

Scratchboard Art.
For Scratchboard images,
I use Ampersand museum series scratchbord™ panels, and scratch with several tools, mostly a small exacto knife. If I want to add color, special scratchboard inks are applied after I've completed scratching.

William Underwood Drawings
                      and Photography


You have stumbled upon the website of 

William T Underwood

Since 2003, I have been showing and selling my art at art festivals throughout Florida.

Original drawings are for sale, inquire via  email. Use the links above to navigate the site.

This site is for my customers, potential customers, and anyone else who would just like to look around and possibly make a purchase.

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Art Show Booth, Underwood
Tent setup at 2Cool in Gulfport FL, Feb 4-5, 2017

Drawing Materials:
•  Charcoal: Vine & Compressed • Charcoal Pencils

Drawing Surfaces:

•  Cresent Illustration board, Strathmore 500 Bristol & Illustration Board
•  NEW 2014: Scratchboards.   NEW 2016: Wood Panels for Charcoal drawings

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Charcoal Drawings:

Charcoal images
are drawn on a primed wood panel or a heavy drawing surface that has been glued to a 1/2" foamboard. It is then sprayed with charcoal fixer, then a spray acrylic clear coat, followed by two brushed on coats of acrylic varnish, resulting in a charcoal drawing that is treated like a painting. No glass is necessary.

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